Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Keeping My Name!

Caitlin has been telling us that when she gets married she's not going to change her last name. And she doesn't want to be called "Mrs.". I don't really care if she changes her last name or not - but why is she so concerned with this at the ripe old age of 5 and a half?

Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Little of This... A Little of That....

What did we do in September? You know, on top of our regularly scheduled life? Here's a look:

In September, Brandon played soccer. Games were on Friday nights instead of Saturday mornings (yay!). This all ended a few weeks ago in mid-October, right before it got really cold (another yay!).

We rented a condo up in Winter Park over Labor Day weekend, and had a fun time with our little family. Our condo was near a train track (which I did not hear at all at night! Great windows!). It was a coal and freight train from the nearby mountain mines. We explored the train tracks, and found many squished coins on the rails. We rode on the Alpine Slide at the Winter Park ski resort- multiple times!

Brandon also joined a Sunday afternoon baseball league. There we no weekly practices, just a small practice and a game on Sunday afternoon. He's really been into baseball this last year, and has expressed some interest in doing little league in the spring. We thought it might be good for him to actually play a few real games before joining. Little league and Brandon's beloved spring soccer run concurrently, so who knows if he'll be doing little league at all this coming spring. We'll just have to see.

Brandon turned 8 in September. On his actual birthday we went to a Rockies vs Giant's game. It was fan appreciation night, so we were treated to a spectacular fireworks display after the game. The next day we had his birthday party. The day after that Brandon went to another baseball game for his friend's birthday. That was an exhausting weekend!

Caitlin attended a taekwondo class with her friend Sam (pictured in front of Caitlin). She loved it! I just wish it wasn't so far away! It would be challenging to get to it twice a week with any regularity. It was also on the same night as Brandon's soccer practice, so it wouldn't have worked out in September. Right now Caitlin is happy with her gymnastics class. We'll reevaluate where we are during Christmas break, and see what we can fit in next spring.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween 2011

Yes, I know that Halloween was a few days ago. You're getting these pictures today because I had to take them after Halloween. In another great moment in parenting, I did not take a single picture of my children in costume, ready to go trick-or-treating on Halloween Day. Nothing. Not one. I didn't even realized that I hadn't taken any pictures until after the kids were snug in their beds, sleeping off their sugar high and trick-or-treating buzz. Luckily, they humored me the next day and agreed to dress up in costume, after school only (their request), and let me take a few pictures.

Caitlin was a rubber ducky, and Brandon was Darth Vader. He wants you to all know that he did *not* smile for these pictures because he did not have to.

Caitlin's costume took a little research to put together, but Brandon's was a quick buy at the local store! Yes! I had to do another costume for Caitlin's Nursery Rhyme festival at school, which took place on the 31st as well. Three costumes. I was glad that one was really easy!

Caitlin's rhyme to memorize for her Nursery Rhyme Festival was "Hickory Dickory Dock". Both my kids are good at memorizing, so that one was a breeze for Caitlin. She memorized it weeks before and would say it loudly and proudly at home, but barely whispered it in her class. For all her antics and drama moments, an audience can throw her sometimes. Here she is in her cute costume. It was so much easier to come up with an idea for this one (unlike Brandon's costume for his Nursery Rhyme Festival).

Caitlin and her class in their costumes

Brandon had a class party, too. He wanted me to stop by. I was one of only a few parents who came by (and most of them were volunteers running the party!). Maybe third grade is when the parents stop attending school functions. Here is hanging out at his desk.

Funny Peculiar

Am I the only one who finds it funny that this store put the Halloween candy on the same aisle as the weight management products?