Sunday, February 22, 2009

Could It Be?

About a month ago I traveled back to California to visit some friends. It was a combined Christmas/Birthday gift from my dear hubby, and much needed. I needed to be away from the children and from my known world. The cathartic time I had simply being with two of my *highly missed* friends was wonderful. Who knew I could eat a meal without asking someone else to eat, too? Or get only myself ready in the morning? Or just sleep? Although I had three days, it was not enough.....

Anyway, the Monday after I returned Caitlin decided that she, my big 3 year old girl, no longer needed to wear diapers. Caitlin! Caitlin who had herself close to being potty trained last summer and decided against it. I didn't want to write about this wonderful chapter in our lives because I didn't want to somehow jinx it again ('cause her regression back to diapers was hard to take!). But, for the last month, Caitlin is no longer in daytime diapers! Yeah! She still wears something for naps and to bed in the evenings, but not during the day. I'm trying to get her past that stage, too, since she is reacting badly to the "new and improved" Costco diapers. Rashes and blisters. I need to get to the store for something new. Sadly, she is again on a round of antibiotics for a painful ear infection, but at least that is combating some of her diaper rash issues.

It took me a few weeks to deal with the reality of potty training yet again, but I'm good now. I know where all the bathrooms are. I'm remembering to ask Caitlin to use the bathroom before we leave the house. The nice thing about diapers is that you don't have to worry about that. The bad thing about Colorado is that public officials by-in-large do not expect that anyone will be out during the day in winter, and all the public bathrooms at the parks have been locked since November. Even on 60 degree, non-windy days (yes, there are a few non-windy days here!). So far, Caitlin's bladder capacity has been big enough to wait for a little while until we find an open restroom. Luckily, the waits haven't been too long!

I think I can get use to this. Let's hope that there is no more regressing!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I'm glad to hear you got out, even in the rain. How fun is it that your birthday is on a holiday this year?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cards and Tattoos

Each season of life brings something new. For example,when I had a baby I was introduced to the vast world of baby products (previously an unknown in my life). Some things were great, some were useless, and everywhere I went I'd find that you are judged by some on what products you purchase. Are they cheap? Are they practical? Do you get carried away by cutsie things? Sadly, this judgement carries on in other seasons of life.

This year it's Valentine's Day cards.

Brian and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Seriously. I put out a few cute Valentine-y things - like heart covered towels and soaps. But otherwise - no cards, no meals out, nothing. Instead, we save it all up for our anniversary, which is February 27th, and have a wonderful meal out. Fondue! Our favorite!

Brandon's class is having a Valentine's party. Last year he didn't care much about it. We made our own using construction paper and some Creative Memories heart punches. It was fun and easy. This year he cares. So I entered into the new world of school (minor) holiday parties. We went up to Target to pick out a package of Valentines. No candy or food allowed, so we settled on some "Cars" themed Valentines with tattoos. We purchased them, brought them home, and went about pulling them apart (perforated), and folding each one. Brandon wrote his name on them while I searched for his list of classmates provided by his teacher. The tattoos were pretty small, and hard to pull apart. I told Brandon I'd take care of them.

So last night, around 10:00, I had to use scissors to get those stupid tattoos apart! Granted, I have issues with my hands that make simple tasks such as opening a bag of chips or squeezing liquid from a bottle monumentally painful, but this was ridiculous! Then I needed to put each tiny, stamp-sized tattoo into minuscule, pre-done slots on each Valentine. I ripped a few on accident. Good thing there are 32 cards in each box, and we only need 25! After the first few, I could no longer see straight! Brian had left earlier on a business trip, so I was fairly exhausted by the kids bedtime routine alone, and also by all the extra things I had to do for MOPS that I wasn't expecting to do last night. I think my eyes were crossed. An episode of "Clean House" played on the TV in the background, and I couldn't tell you anything about it. I'm not normally the kind who keeps the TV on for white noise, but I was last night!

Did I finish? Oh nooooooooo. Not until this morning. I set the alarm and got up earlier than I should have just so I could attach little tattoos to little Valentine's Day cards. Brandon took them off to school today. Informed me on the way home today that we didn't make one for his teacher! Great. So tonight I'm digging out a little tattoo to attach to a little card. I'm sure she'd get more use out of a bottle of wine. So would I. But the school district frowns on that!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Windy Today

I'm not sure what the wind speed was today. I think it averaged about 45. And cold. I can deal with the cold weather here. I can deal with the heat. But the wind just drives me insane! It makes the day a miserable day, whether sun or rain.

I went to pick up Brandon at the school, and Caitlin just couldn't keep up. I was holding her hand, trying to get her to walk across the parking lot, and she started crying. It was then that I realized she was a good foot behind me, and only that close because I was holding her hand. Her slight frame was blowing backwards! I ended up having to carry her the rest of the way.

Yes, I complain a lot. Seriously, though, will these windy days ever end? Except for December, when it was very cold, and almost twenty below zero for a week, this has been a very mild winter. I haven't gotten sick of the snow or cold yet. But I am sick of this wind. It almost makes me wish for summer.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Dear Mom -

I don't apologize for much about my childhood. I was, after all, a child. And my memories are vague. However, I am so very sorry for playing "Big Bump". Do you remember that game? I think I did it when we lived in Big Sur. I use to put my head under the back of your shirt and follow you around the house, pretending to be a big bump (hence the original name). I remember it being nothing short of hysterical! I laughed and laughed. *Loved* playing "Big Bump"!

Last night my children decided to play their own game. They decided to stuff things in my back pockets while I was cooking stir fry. I was cutting chicken for the stir fry when the game started, so couldn't do anything about it due to my nasty poultry hands. While I was not amused, Brandon found the game nothing short of hysterical. He would hide behind me in such a way that I could barely see him when I turned my head. He found it funny to "stick" to me when I was walking around the kitchen, too. Caitlin wasn't as good at the game, being that she's only three, but found the game a hoot none-the-less. Hil-arious.

So, Mom, I am sorry for "Big Bump." I have vague recollections of you not finding the game nearly as amusing as I did, and now I can see why. I don't know how long I played "Big Bump" - weeks? months? years? But I am hoping the my kids new game of stuffing things in my back jeans pockets has already passed it's prime.

I'm not counting on it.