Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sometime in the last month.....

I agree with my friend Arlene when she posted "I don't think I am a blogger anymore. I'm not sure what the acceptable definition of a "blogger" is, but I'm sure it must include something about posting photos, links or text on the internet more than once a month." Yep. I'm there with you. It's not that I don't have anything to say, I just don't have the time to say it. Maybe after Caitlin's in school full time.... but I'm not making any promises.

Here are some picture highlights of our last month. Let's hope I can figure out how to post pictures with this new format...

Brian and the kids flew out to California over spring break. They stayed with Nana and Grandpa, saw our good friends Scott and Chris (and Emily and Josh!), and have a fun time. Mommy got a few days to herself, which is a rare thing, and also had a fun time.

Caitlin had her Gymstar Olympics at gymnastics. Wow, was that place crowded! Luckily it was a cold day outside, or we would have all melted in the heat of the crowd. All the participants were "graded" (no grade was below 8.0), and they got medals and ribbons during the closing ceremonies. Caitlin was so nervous for a few days before hand (I see a perfectionist streak in her sometimes), but got up there and did her thing.  It's hard to get good pictures in a warehouse setting with white walls and high ceilings, but here are a few cute ones.             

I think we'll use this head shot for her modeling career (ha ha! But the picture's cute!)

Brandon started little league this spring, and is pretty good at it, too! That's surprising to us only because he's never really played. He did a no-practice league through the Y last fall to learn some basics, but it was pretty simplistic. This league gives him more room to hit and throw, and to play all the different positions. He loves it. I think baseball's his thing.

Somewhere in the middle we celebrated Easter. Our Lord has risen ... and we dyed easter eggs. Something's wrong there, but we like hard boiled eggs, so we did it anyway. I've got to learn how to talk about all the pagan holidays that were co-opted by "the church", or at least the leaders of the times (Christmas and Easter seem to be the biggest ones), and what each side means. I know what we celebrate, but I want to make it absolutely clear to my children as well.

We also managed to catch up on sleep over spring break, went swimming in a new indoor pool (new for us, anyway), saw friends, went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, got ice cream at Dairy Queen, and watched a couple of movies. I just didn't take pictures of everything! 

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Early Morning Ranting.....

Reason #281 that I think those who manufacture children's clothing know nothing about children's bodies.... Relaxed Fit. Really? Relaxed? Because my child, who is so skinny that he can still wear clothes several sizes smaller than what most kids his age wear, needs extra room in the seat and thighs? I can barely find clothes that fit him as it is! Sizes in slim are out there, so, out to the stores I go. But relaxed slim sizes? I don't get it. I saw husky slims the other day, too. Is that for the only kinda sorta husky boy? I bet those parents don't get it either!