Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fur Real?

Caitlin wants this for Christmas....

This is how much it costs, on sale.....

We keep telling her this is *not* what she's getting for Christmas. We don't even have room for this pony! Her room is small, and jam packed as it is! Maybe if we had endless money, and endless house, and endless space, this silly pony wouldn't be an issue. But half the time, these "Fur Real" critters don't even work. Still, the pleading is endless. Child, we have something for you already! You'll like it, trust me! For now I am avoiding taking her to Target!

Friday, December 14, 2012


Every year the 4th grade class at Brandon's school has Winterfest. It's a celebration of their writing. I don't know if the topics differ from year to year, but this year it was about family traditions. Some kids wrote about vacations, some kids wrote about camps. Brandon wrote about our Easter egg hunts! It was kind of funny, since I don't really think of that as a tradition. But hey, if he does, maybe we should up the ante!

The kids (and the parents) are suppose to dress up for Winterfest. After the writings were read, we toured the hallway to look at different pictures and writing samples from our kiddos, had pictures taken, and then met up in the library for lunch. It was a fun day for Mr. Brandon. He wore a button down shirt and (clip on) tie. Cute!

Brandon's invention - a snowman that sweeps and shovels the sidewalks!

After the writing celebration, there was much merriment in the hallways! Probably a way to blow off steam after having to come up with writing ideas, a story, and all the drafts and edits they did before their masterpieces were finished!