Thursday, July 21, 2011


Pete & Repeat go into a store. Pete leaves. Who is left?"
"Pete & Repeat go into a store. Pete leaves. Who is left?"
"Pete and Repeat go into ...... "

Welcome to my life of 3rd grade boy jokes! Brandon's got tons of them, and is humored endlessly by them. Oy!

Thursday, July 07, 2011


We've returned. Returned from vacation, from the beach, from family and friends. Back to our home in Colorado. I took a lot of pictures, and I'll get those up at some point. Right now I'm enjoying the cool of the morning. I'm trying to enjoy it as Colorado is rarely cool in the summer. At least, not when you compare it to living near the coast! I'd rather be sleeping, but the constant, bright sun woke me up early, as did the barking dogs. I miss the ocean noises and cool breezes. One thing I dislike about our neighbors, about suburbia in general, is their dogs! I don't dislike dogs, I just hate that these neighbor dogs are frequently outside during my sleeping hours, and that they bark constantly! The tag line around here is "if the dogs aren't barking, they're not outside." It's gotten better, but they're outside all.the.time. Sleeping here is not easy for me, and those dang dogs are no help at all! I wish they were inside more.

The post-vacation recovery is going as expected. I've cleaned out the old food from the refrigerator and stocked it with new foods. I've become increasing worried by the ingredients in supermarket foods, so I'm trying to be better. That's not hard to do in this part of Colorado, but it did require lots of shopping right after returning. The kids have been intrigued again by their toys, especially the Lego's. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder. As does LegoLand. I'm intrigued by my closet. We travel fairly light for a family of 4, which makes my closet seem all more wonderful when I return. Woo hoo - I have more than 4 things to wear! Mt. Laundry has been tackled and conquered (although some has remained in dryer wonderland. Guess I should go get that ..... ). Brian has returned to work. The kids keep asking where he is when they wake up. They got use to having him around! Once again the neighborhood kids are showing up at our doorstep. It's funny how Brandon likes to play with them, but does it whenever they show up. He rarely seeks them out. He's a lot like his mom. I love to be with people, but I'm bad at asking. We've gone swimming (Caitlin's favorite thing to do), and have our first kindergarten playgroup this morning with other afternooners. The mail has been sorted (or, getting there), and now I'm figuring out what errands I need to run tomorrow morning before Brian disappears for yet another week-long business trip. My kids, Caitlin especially, have never been good in stores, so I prefer to head out without them. That's hard to do in the summer.

So, I'm enjoying the morning cool. Right now I'm enjoying the chirping birds, too. I'm not their biggest fan at 4:30, when they begin the day with an hour or so of frenzied chirping! I can hear the lawnmowers starting up, which is going to ruin the quiet. Thursday is the day the town mows the walking path behind the house. That, plus the cacophony of other lawnmowers (a constant here over the summer) means the day is starting. I should wake the kids so we can enjoy a leisurely morning before heading to the school to meet the other kids. Such is a day in the life in suburbia!