Monday, August 20, 2012

On One Hand....

The awesome thing about living in a not so heavily populated area is that when you call the doctor's office because a frozen, glass food container fell out of the freezer on to your big toe and you think it should be checked out, you can usually get in the same day you called. The not so awesome thing about living in a not so heavily populated area is that when said doctor thinks you should get an x-ray to make sure your toe is not fractured, and you go across the street to the hospital at 6:00 pm, there isn't a soul to be found anywhere in the main lobby for at least 5 minutes.

On the plus side, my big toe seems fine. The x-ray technician didn't see a fracture. Will need to wait until tomorrow to see what the radiologists says, though.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fast Lane

Guess what we bought today? I know, I know - we live life in fast lane!

What? You didn't think I was going to sharpen 72 pencils, did you?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet and Greet

Every year our school does a "teacher meet and greet" right before school starts. Do other schools do this, or is it a Colorado thing? I dread it. It's a messed up, chaotic hour in which most of the school kids and their parents come to the school, find out who's in what class with which teacher, and drop off the school supplies. It would be so much more helpful if it was longer, or over two days. A few years ago it was only half an hour for all the kids in the school, so I suppose a whole hour is an improvement! Even the kids were worn out after half an hour. On the bright side, most of our school supplies are out of the house and in the kid's desks. Our pencil sharpener broke  this morning, so no pencils will be going to school today! Costco usually carries electric sharpeners right around the start of school, so we'll head there tomorrow.

Caitlin was pretty excited to see her new classroom and her desk. She's made friends with another first grade girl on our street, and she's in the same class. Caitlin was beyond happy to hear that! She's got a couple of friends with her this year, but most of her closer friends are in other classes. Of course, Caitlin's our social extrovert, so she'll have friends where ever she goes!

Brandon's been a the school for 4 years now, so he already knows the drill. His best friend isn't in his class this year (he has been for the last 2 years), but there were several names on his class list that made him happy.

Brandon kept posing for me every time I looked through the camera, but I managed to get a picture of him very methodically putting his stuff in his desk. He was very focused. In the end, his desk was all very neat and tidy. I teased him, asking why his room wasn't so clean, and he assured me that his desk would be messy soon!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Outer Banks

Yes, we went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for our vacation this summer. In May. Yes, I am slow to get the pictures up for others to look at.

We rented a "tiny" 4 bedroom, 4 bath house in Kill Devil Hills that sleeps 14. It was the smallest one
Brian could find.

We had to climb 30 stairs to get from the bottom floor up to the top floor, which was where the living room and kitchen were located. I think I lost a couple of pounds that week. Thankfully a smart person installed a Stair Tamer cargo lift  on the side of the house (you can see part of it on the left in the picture above). It slowly took our suitcases, groceries, etc., from the car port to the top story. I might have a different opinion of the house if we didn't have that.

We had fun swimming in the pool and going to the beach.

We explored our surroundings, including the Wright Brothers Memorial, which was just down the road from were we were staying. What was then Kitty Hawk has now been rezoned and is in Kill Devil Hills.

Every day I tried in vain to get my hair to cooperate. Two seconds with a blow dryer in Colorado renders it straight as a stick. But in humidity.... that's a different story:

On the 4th day of our vacation, I remembered that my curling iron was also a straightening iron. I'd forgotten about that because there is never a need to straighten my hair anymore. I haven't used the  straightening iron for a good 5 years now! What a difference that made! I felt like a whole new person when we left the house!

Tropical storm Beryl slammed into the coast on the 30th. I'm not sure I've ever seen that much rain in such a short time! 6 inches in 6 hours. We slogged through pouring rain and flooding on the way to the house from the aquarium in Manteo.

We were very grateful to get home that afternoon, as it took 3x as long as it took to get from our house to the aquarium! 

We had a wonderful time being tourists and exploring a new beach. The water was California ocean cold, but I've heard it warms up later in the summer. The prices and tourists also double later in the summer, which is why we went right after school got out in our neck of the woods! Schools in the OBX don't get out until June. Same with east coast schools.

It was nice to see some rain. We don't get much of that in Colorado. It was nice to be back by water again, and feel some moisture in the air (although I'm sure the humidity is awful mid-summer). We had fun. The kids and I wanted to stay at least a week longer! Didn't poll Brian, so I'm not sure how he felt. Score one for another fun-filled P-4 family vacation!

Click here to see more pictures!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Caitlin's Room

It's not finished, nor is everything on the wall, but here is the almost completed project. She chose the colors and design. It's very girly!

Caitlin's new desk (a hand-me-down from a friend). She's wanted a desk for a couple of months now, so this came at the right time!

Most of the houses in our town have very small kids rooms. As you can see, we're maxed out for space in her room! She's happy, though, and that's what counts.

Ten on Tuesday

I've been an absentee blogger for the last year or so. Posts swirl in my head, but getting them down is another story. Here are a few things that have been going on in our lives recently:

1) The kids and I have loved the summer movie express at Regal Theaters. We've seen 8 movies this summer, at a cost of $3 each time ($1 per person). Although I prefer living in more populated area, not living in one has been a benefit for these movies. We show up around 9:45, don't wait long, and get one. Once a movie was sold out, so we saw the other one that was playing. Once.

2) Today we're seeing "Brave." Caitlin asked me if we could see it. The summer movie express is over, so I'll have to pay a whopping $12 for the 3 of us to see the movie (cue fake sad music...).

3) Just over a week until school starts! I'm so ready for it. I'm not ready to get up early, though. I'm sure I'll be complaining in no time.

4) I'm *very* ready to be done with this hot summer! The end of summer can't come fast enough! We've been inundated with record heat and almost no rain since June. Colorado sun in searing on the body, so no one wants to be outside unless we're swimming. I practically have to bribe to kids to play outside in the evenings. I really miss living in a place where going outside in the summer isn't viewed as a form of torture.

5) My goal this week is to go through the kids school stuff that they brought home in May (ahem), and get all of all the current school supplies ready to drop off next Monday. I hope that they aren't too attached to the over abundance of laminated masterpieces they brought home.

6) I painted Caitlin's room! Finally! It's Pepto Bismol pink with a purple stripe. I'll post pictures later. One wall needs another coat of paint before I can put up a purple stripe, but that has to wait until it's nice enough to open windows in her room. At this rate that might be October. Even the low and zero VOC paint needs to air out for a few days.

7) Still gluten-free. I want to do another experiment with eating gluten, but after my not-so-stellar experience a couple of weeks ago, my body has not gone back to normal. I still don't know why my joints are hurting so much. Painting really took it out of me, I guess. Living like this is getting old. I'd like to reset the clock back about 5 years and get rid of all these body issues I've acquired.

8) My brother gets married in one month and one day! Tonight we are getting Brandon fitted for his tux, and then heading out to dinner (I'm already checking the gluten-free options on the menu).

9) Two of my friends move away this summer. One I knew about, and the other one just up and moved without a word. I only found out when I wondered why I hadn't seen or heard from her for a while and decided to check in. Made me a little sad to not be able to say goodbye.

10) I'm curious about our new schedule for the fall. The kids have opted not to do AWANA this year (Brandon says all the verses are too much with all his homework), so they're doing something called Base Camp at a church in Boulder on Wednesday evenings. Brandon's doing soccer, and I want to get Caitlin into swimming, but so far all the rec centers haven't put out any fall schedules. I want to get back to schedule and routine, but starting out can be bumpy!