Thursday, September 05, 2013

Things We've Been Up To

My specialty - the "catch-up" blog post. The one that brings you up to speed with all that we've done in the last few months. Here are a few things that you may have missed:

1) We got fish.
On the last day of the kids Wednesday night program at church they gave them little fishes in small glass bowls. Extremely bad idea. Who came up with this? We brought them home and promised to get a tank the next day after school. Here are the kids Thursday morning. Aren't they happy?

We had a fish funeral Thursday afternoon. Yes, he's probably crying. The second fish funeral was later in the day, before we ever got a chance to get the pet store. Less than 24 hours after getting fish in the first place.

That weekend we went to the pet store, spent a lot of money, and got several fish. We've hit the last few weeks of summer and, amazingly, they're still alive! One was suicidal and jumped out of the bowl when I was cleaning the tank. None of us saw it the second time he did it. Now we have one less fish.

2) Brandon played baseball again. He had a really good team, and had a wonderful time.

He noticed I was taking pictures:

3) We went to Disneyland. As you can imagine, zero fun was had by everyone! (On a shallow side note, though, we need to stop doing vacations immediately after school gets out. The post-vacation exhaustion sets a tone for the first half of the summer, and I don't like it).

4) We got kittens!
They're much bigger now.

The kittens love staring at the fish!

5) My parents came for a couple of weeks. 

During their visit, Brian and I got away, kid-free, for a few days. We did crazy things, like drive for 6 hours (to Santa Fe) with no whining, ate dinner at interesting restaurants, visited an old church, art museums, and a pueblo. Fun!

6) And, then, on August 22nd, school started. I now have a 5th and 2nd grader.  How did that happen? The kids weren't all that excited about getting up early, but they enjoyed their first day and have general enjoyed school since starting.

Hanging with her bestie before the bell rang.

Coming up:

I open a new photo site online. My old one is getting too crowded and full.

Brandon will have a birthday and be in the double digits!

We will have our kitchen remodeled. I will also slowly go crazy while attempting to cook without a kitchen. Going out every night is just not feasible with our family.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


It finally happened. The nightmare I had before getting contacts at the age of 14 has now come true - my contact moved around and got stuck somewhere else in my eye other than my iris (where it normally resides). I had to do some odd maneuvers with my eye to get the little bugger back to where it was suppose to be. Not fun! Thanks, way to dry (and currently way to hot) Colorado weather. It's amazing how the lack of any moisture here can get to you.

I know you all expected something a little more moving for my first foray back into the blogging world, like what I did over the summer, or the kids first day back to school but this is it.

I go back and forth with whether or not I should continue blogging. My life isn't particularly interesting, nor is my writing witty or wonderful. I wonder if my kids, especially the oldest, won't appreciate his stories being told here. I wonder if I am as depressing of a person as people have called me after reading my blog (just trying to be real with how I feel, and being real doesn't always mean being pretty or positive). I'm still mulling all this in the back of my head. No conclusions yet. I'm just hoping we can get some rain, or at least some more moisture-laden air here so I don't have to go searching for my contact once again!